Doing makes a difference

We all are very nice people. We all see ourselves as epitome of niceness. We think how other person is partial with us and we will never do something like that to anyone ever. When someone is doing something not mannered in a way we think we question their manners. Because we are perfect; Aren’t we?

It is very easy to point fingers, to blame someone, to find mistakes. But easy is not always the best. We often like superhero movies, the nice movies ;with nice lead ;doing nice things. But always think that someone doing nice things should born in our neighbourhood not in our home. We praise Patriots and our countries military people but how many of us want our child to be one. We blame so many people but how much do we work in making our surroundings a better place. I’m not saying everyone become a monk or something like that but doing as little as we can to make our surroundings a better place. To make life around us a little better. Talking is nice but doing is what really counts. I was once in a discussion with my friend. I was talking about problems in world and many other countries. After listening for long he said “man you are great you think of all these complex problems i just can’t. Now I must take your leave i have to go make arrangements for birthday of kid in our neighbourhood orphanage.” And he left. That was a slap right on my soul. What worth a great non productive discussion has over a little but positive doing.

Discover Prompts : List

My all time favourite movies list – You can pick any one or all of it to watch if haven’t already. I certainly hope none will disappoint you.

  • 1. Schindler’s List

Why not start a list with one of the greatest list by Oskar Schindler. Based on a true story. This movie will take you to another level. One of the finest work from Steven Spielberg. Black and white touch makes it even beautiful. You will be in love with the man Oskar Schindler. “Being good and doing good doesn’t require some superpowers just a will to make difference is more than sufficient” underlines the movie. It’s not about nazi’s and Jews It’s more about different choices we all have in our life. The easy or more obvious choice we try to make but it takes courage and purity of soul to make the right choice.

  • 2 The Godfather

What can we say about all time participant in any of the list of best movies of all time that is made. Classic , marvellous piece of work. The screenplay, storyline, actors, direction everything is awesome. It has one of the most famous dialogues in it which are still used and quoted. Marlon brando and Al Pacino they are absolutely great. And background score is a bliss. Watch it if you haven’t already.

  • 3 Forrest Gump

This movie is like travelling in river on a boat. You just go with the flow. The innocence of Forrest makes you feel nice. And it also shades a light on society how people with such innocence are considered foolish. And we smart people have lost our innocence in cruelty of world. A nice refreshing experience in this quarantine period.

  • 4 Shawshank Redemption

A story of patience and intelligence. Andy Dufresne, a successful banker, is arrested for the murders of his wife and her lover, and is sentenced to life imprisonment at the Shawshank prison. Already heart broken and sentenced to life a man is obviously depressed. But not with Andy he never lose hope and quiet effectively changes all around him. A nice redemption of your time.

  • 5 Goodfellas

A true Martin Scorsese movie. A movie has it all. Friendship, betrayal, a message to youth, comic, romance and great direction. Based on A true story the film revolves around henry hil. A kid fascinated by the world of gangster when becomes one, realise the darkness in it. A bliss for movie lovers.

Discover Prompts: Focus

Focus quiet simple to understand yet very hard to implement. Today one of the biggest problem is focus. We have lost it. I am not speaking of focus on work or carrier but the ability to remain focused is lost. One of the major factor is the excessive use of cellphone. Very few people can seat for an hour quietly without touching or operating their phones. I am not talking about super busy people who can’t avoid phone calls or messages. I am talking about a large population who many times just unlock their phone surf through it for a minute find out there is nothing in it for them; again lock it and keep it aside just to repeat the same procedure after just few minutes. I have seen it, even when i am in a meeting with someone the person next to me do the same thing and it’s not because they don’t know what to talk but just beacuse of this habit of checking your phone after every few minutes. The ability to converse with people is getting lost. The availability of a lot of few minutes video content is making it difficult to concentrate for more than few minutes on anything. Even we feel it better to chat with someone online than to interact personally. What focus do you consider you have if you can’t interact fully and with heart with the person next to you. What focus you have in your life if you can’t focus in the present moment. Becoming focused then will not be a task rather a habit. Be fully focused in moments and all your life will become focused.

I was once in a interview, interviewer asked me quite many things and i answered much of them. He asked a very simple question at last that i couldn’t answer. I never got the job yet interviewer taught me something that was engraved on my heart. He asked me the name of the receptionist in the lobby. I was startled and tried hard but couldn’t guess it as I never asked her. Interviewer told me in a polite way “how can i hire you to handle my company’s human resource department if you do not know to interact with the person who greeted you very first in this company; who was first to offer you something to drink; first to make you comfortable yet you didn’t even have a courtesy to know her name. You was so occupied with the thoughts of interview to be done after few minutes that you lost the focus of present situation and moment.” That day i lost the job opportunity but learnt a great deal about focus. Be focused ; Be present in every moment and every situation.

Discover Prompts: Hidden

There is nothing so far removed from us to be beyond our reach, or so far hidden that we cannot discover it.   
                  —Rene Discartes

                Hidden means certainly possible to find. Lost is quite unsolved. But whatever is hidden must be found just the amount of time for discovery is uncertain. Quite possibly some things may take centuries or even a lot more than that. But most hidden things lies in deepest of the hearts. We are hidden from ourselves right from our birth. We are holding a burden of expectations even right before our birth. We are dressed by the people who are nurturing and caring us. Your values and principles are made upon by the surroundings and the instances  happened to you. Your culture becomes like the people you hang out with. Your habits are based on your home environment and bank balance. In between this and that and a lot more things remains hidden your truself. You become a different person than the force of nature wanted you too be. Atleast for the majority of people. Some legendary people may be exceptional.
             All these external things impact you so hard that everything you are doing seems like your choice and your decision but are actually not. Very few people even have this desire of finding out their innerself. Rest of them just ignore it their whole life and die being the result of surroundings. The necessities of daily chores and our lifestyle seems so important that we hardly find time for ourselves. The one way to reach this true self is giving a little time every day just for yourself and your inner self. Try to reach to the deepest parts of your mind. Meditation comes handy for this purpose. If you don’t want to meditate or you can’t meditate just try being with yourself for 30 minutes every day. Doing nothing just sitting relaxed and with peace but doing absolutely nothing. Not even listening to music and also try avoiding thoughts.
             It may be difficult at first so just try it for few days and you will succeed . Even if the thoughts arises remind yourself to be at peace. But if you try to be with yourself every day, gradually your inner self will try to connect with you. And when that happens you will see the fun in finding the most hidden aspects and nature of yourself. You will know what makes you really happy and content. Some of the things you thought mattered the most will seem like unnecessary at all and some things which you thought of less importance will become necessities. You will be in awe of the beauty within yourself. You will discover hidden passion and true desires of yourself. Let’s find what is hiden in ourselves.

Discover Prompts : Magic

Magic a word that has hope, curiosity, amusement, greatness ,speculation and a lot attached to it. When we are in lack of explaining something the word comes to our aid in a lot of situations. While some believe in it and some don’t the word still has its charisma all over the world.

I believed in it when i was a child. But over the period of time with hurdles and difficulties in life that word lost it’s power over me. I knew then that magical things happen in movies only. I got married in between and the daily duties and responsibilities got bigger and bigger. I was now convinced that the word magic or the magical feeling is just a fugazi and you can never actually have it. Then my wife got pregnant and we both were happy. Now the load of responsibility has reached its heights and I was barely living in between. I was waiting for the birth of child so that my wife would be free after some months and half of the load of everything on my shoulders will atleast be divided. Because of pregnancy she wasn’t working and money was kind of short. And alas the day of pregnancy arrived i was more happy about the fact that after few months my wife will be working again and how my life would be again on track. While i was lost in my thoughts sitting outside of delivery room i was called upon by nurse saying “Congratulations Sir you have been blessed with a baby girl” .

I came to my senses just for a moment i went in and when i held my baby in my hands i felt it. I felt the magic ; there were goosebumps all over me. I was lost in that magical feeling. We knew from the first month that we are gonna have a baby in 9 months like most people in the world. We all know everything about it. But when you first time see and hold that little creature in your hands you can feel the magic. All the things in my mind were lost and space of my mind filled with just that feeling of accomplishment. What is more magical than creating something just like you with the power of nature and a little efforts from our side. But also isn’t it the most basic and yet most important success of a mankind. It is our basic duty to reproduce basically one and not more than two obviously. No i am not suggesting to increase population nor discouraging adaptation nor promoting marriages. Marriage is ofcourse not necessary for the reproduction. I am talking about the basic rule of nature for all the creatures is to replicate their species and for me it is the most magical thing i have ever seen in my life.

Memory Bank

No one alive today has experienced something remotely similar to this Corona pandemic. Even the world war 1 and 2 weren’t close to this disaster. As there was a choice for even countries under attack to surrender and get on with it. But here this covid-19 is merciless. Enough with it already but what little can we do in this worst scenario. You have now got bored with reading inspirational material and all of that self improvement stuff you can get. I just thought what if this pandemic is much more than we can even grasp with our little brains which always lost when competing against nature. Then what? What is the thing that matters the most.

Yeah we all guessed it’s the life of ourself and life of the people we genuinely care. For majority of people there is nothing they can do in this lockdown period. So why not use this to sow the seeds for heavenly tree of whose benefits will last till our last breath. This is the time we create our Own Memory Bank.

Have you ever been to a locker room in bank or may have seen it in movies. There are multiple lockers out of which is our one locker. Now we go to bank when we are in need of the thing in locker open it with the help of key of manager and key with ourselves. Now imagine a locker room of multiple lockers owned by you and you only and you can get the things you are in need of by just choosing a locker and opening it wouldn’t that be something you might be interested in.

The thing we need most apart from money is the feeling. We need to feel everything. Now how many memories do you have that you can call upon whenever needed. Like when you are in deep shit remembering when you had something similar to this in your childhood or after that or anywhere till now and how you pulled through. Or just remembering something nice in the past that will cherish you for a moment or something inspiring act you had done in the past. If you have hard time remembering things in the past or remembering right memory at right time do not panic or don’t be discouraged. Just practice it and you will master it. You just need to simply make it a habit and imagine a bank of memory. Save your memory like different accounts one account for happy memories one for inspirational moments one for caring moments one for sorrow pain one for fear etc…just the power to operate which of the account you should master in. This lockdown period is thus can be made useful in attempt to create and nurture this habit. The positive accounts are the saving ones and negative accounts are debt account which we want to close eventually. If you are with your family this is the time you increase your savings in memory bank and that two in savings accounts which will give your more interest rate and returns in your future.

Create as much of happy memories and cheerful moments as you can. Avoid any type of negativity.Be happy and enjoy this time with your spouse, your kids, parents and even in laws and with yourself too. Try to help someone in need if you can with proper social distancing guidelines. Helping someone will make you feel good always. It’s the basic nature of humanity to help. Nature created most intelligent species of human beings to help make this planet a better place.World is badly in need of positivity.